Our team of Tattoo Artists

Our varied team has every corner of tattoo styles covered, and can help you achieve your dream tattoo. Take a look below and see who suits you best!


Known by his artist name Dr. Visser, Ernesto originally comes from Brazil and is the one on our team with the most tattoo experience. He is one of the studio owners (together with Sara, his partner in crime!).

Ernesto really enjoys doing it all- from traditional tattoos to anime, pop culture pieces, marvel and comic characters, to anything 90's and nostalgic- he's your guy. The energy and humor he brings to our team keeps our spirits high! Want a traditional spin on an anime, game, or pop culture tattoo? Look no further!


Known online by her artist name Cosmobotic, Sara has been obsessing over anime since she was young. You can see the influence of anime even in her personal art style! Originally coming from the USA, she lives and breathes for art- and anime! She and Ernesto had the idea for Itai tattoo and opened it together- and if she isn't at our studio making tattoos, she is working at anime conventions in the artist alley!

Sara enjoys bright high contrast color portraits of anime characters and manga panels- but she's able to do it all!


Angel is the light of our studio, brightening up our days with her bubbly personality and calming nature. She really loves to work with kawaii aesthetics, sanrio characters, and neo traditonal themes- whether it's Kuromi or your pet cat, Angel is able to make an incredibly clean and solid tattoo!


Mako joins us every weekend, and is our resident handpoke artist! Want a handpoke tattoo but didn't know who to pick? They're your artist! From silly fun designs, to their "shy demons" to manga pieces, Mako is a widely talented artist! They also attend anime conventions in the Artist Alley with Sara.


Victoria is our most recent addition to our team, bringing a lighter feminine edge to our studio! She works super well with fine line and japanese oriented designs. More of a gamer herself, she's very happy to do any video game tattoos you might have on your mind!